Melbourne Wedding Photographer


This. is. me. 


Since forever I've looked at things differently, studied everything under a different light and saw things that most of the time, others didn't see. It wasn't until I borrowed my very first camera from a family friend that I knew I wanted to be a photographer.


Since then, I've dabbled in many forms of photography; Landscapes, people, children, animals, the list goes on! But for me, nothing compares to photographing couples. 


It brings me such joy to see the love + passion experienced between two people. I enjoy hearing their stories and photographing the love they share between each other + for their families.

So much so, that I decided to specialise in it. 

I love people + I love, love. 

For me, there truly is no better career to have.

I love my job and I love each + every one of my clients.

Capturing pure happiness, raw emotion + plenty of candid shots along the way is hands down one of the best parts. I'm so thankful to everyone of my clients for allowing me to share all of that with them on the biggest day of their lives. 

When my weekends aren't spent with clients, I spend it with my family; My two sons, whom I adore. The dog + the cats! 


Family adventures are the best adventures! More often than not, the kids trial all of my location shoots - with cuties like these two, they make the perfect models! 

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